4 Times Plumbing and Home Improvements Intersect

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We tend to only think about plumbing when we have a leak or a clog, but there are many areas of the home where plumbing and home improvement intersect. So, what are some of those? Let’s get into them.

Plumbing Ensures Clean Water Flow in Your Home

Proper plumbing helps pave the way for clean water in your home, which is absolutely essential. You can use this water for health, hygiene, and overall well-being. You can make the most of plumbing and functionalize your existing pipes to ensure the supply of clean water in your home.

New Plumbing Fixtures Save Water & Energy

Invest in improved plumbing to save on water and energy costs

The average American uses an estimated 300 gallons of water in a day. A lot of that water is often wasted. When one allows the water to run for 5 minutes, a shocking 11 gallons of water are wasted. However, there are new plumbing fixtures that can help you save water and energy overall, such as high-efficiency toilets that allow you to choose a lower speed flush for liquid waste and a higher speed flush for solid waste.

HVAC – Your AC and Heating are Related to Your Plumbing

The only thing connecting your HVAC system to your plumbing system is its drainage line. The HVAC system needs to empty itself into the drainage line, which means that the plumbing inside your home needs to be kept in immaculate condition. If it isn’t, it impacts your HVAC as well.

Water Softeners and Treatments Impact Water Taste

Your water softener might be affecting your plumbing, resulting in water tasting differently. Softening water through treatments can leach metals from your plumbing and result in a more coppery taste in the water. To avoid this, invest in quality plumbing and home improvement.

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