Cold Showers No More! Replace Your Water Heater Today!

How many times have you woken up in the morning, turned the shower on to a cold stream only to be shocked by a blast of freezing water? It’s not something that we enjoy doing and it doesn’t make for an enjoyable start to the day. You may not realize it but your water heater is likely to blame for this because as time goes on, it will become less efficient. Unfortunately, when this happens you’ll be greeted with more and more of these icy showers which will make you turn up the heating just so that you can feel warm again. Fortunately, there is a solution and all you need to do is invest in a new water heater which will save you money and keep you warm at all times.

Signs of Malfunction

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Avoid running out of hot water

Don’t let your water heater break down and leave you in the cold. Water heater replacement with professionals like Allen and Sons is easy and can save you from being left with no hot water when it’s needed most. Here are some of the most common signs of malfunction:

  1. Hot water is not coming out of your hot water tap or shower head. 
  2. There is no hot water in your home at all, even after you’ve let the faucet run for a while and it’s still cold. 
  3. The dishwasher, washing machine, and other household appliances are taking a long time to warm up when you use them.
  4. There is an abnormal noise from the pipes that wasn’t there before (such as gurgling).
  5. A damp spot has formed around the base of your water heater.
  6. You can see rust on metal components inside the tank such as valves, heating coils, temperature gauges and tanks.

Benefits of a Brand New Water Heater – Save on Your Power Bill

A water heater replacement could save you up to $600 a year in energy costs and up to $400 a year on your water bill. A new water heater will also help you reduce your carbon footprint by using less natural gas, oil, or coal power. And if that’s not enough, a new water heater will last up to 15 years longer than an older model! So if you’re feeling cold in the morning because your hot shower is barely warmer than ice-water, it’s time to replace your old water heater with a brand new one.

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