Fire Pits and BBQ connections

Equip Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor living spaces are becoming more elaborate. Homeowners are extending the comforts of their homes into their backyards. Fully equipped outdoor kitchens with all the amenities and appliances will require a professional to ensure safe and efficient connections to two main features of an outdoor living space – the BBQ and the firepit.

There’s one major reason to hire professionals to connect fire pits and BBQs: Safety!

Complicated connections

When it comes to BBQs and fire pits, you will typically need to connect to a fuel line, whether gas or propane. However, it’s not as simple as that. There is a whole system of complicated parts that need to be professionally and securely connected for everything to function properly.

You may be tempted to save time and money by doing it yourself; however, unless you are familiar with the intricacies of hooking up every component to a fire pit, fireplace, and BBQ, you’ll most likely end up wasting time. You will also risk serious mistakes that can be costly, not just to fix but for health and safety reasons.

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Combustible fuels

Because you are dealing with combustible fuels, proper installation is about safety. The risks of a DIY installation include:

  • Fuel leaks
  • Explosions
  • Fires
  • Breathing toxic fumes

Most people don’t realize that they made a dangerous mistake until it is too late. A small leak can cause big problems. The leak won’t be detectable until you try to start a fire and ignite any leaking fuel, potentially harming family and guests.
A missed leak can also lead to major explosions and larger fires, damaging property, if not causing irreparable physical harm to anyone in the vicinity. Even if you avoid a fire or explosion, people will be breathing in toxic fumes caused by invisible leaks.

These problems can and should be avoided by hiring a professional who can ensure that everything is connected correctly and that all the work is licensed and insured.

We want you to feel confident in your new outdoor living space without fear of fires and explosions.

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