Vacuum breaker replacement and water taps

Inside and Out of the House

Plumbing isn’t just inside your house; it extends outside to your hoses, spigots, and taps. An essential component of your exterior plumbing is the vacuum breaker. Often, the vacuum breaker is a requirement of the municipalities, as it plays a vital part in ensuring clean drinking water.

The vacuum breaker is housed inside your exterior taps connected to garden hoses and prevents dirty hose water from flowing backward into your home and contaminating your drinking water.

Preventing backflow

Backflow is contaminated water that flows backward through your pipes, hoses, and plumbing. When water flow is reversed, the risk of contaminants and pollutants entering your drinking water is high, and so are all the health concerns that come with dirty drinking water.

Preventing backflow can appear to be a simple DIY project, but the system can be more intricate than simply screwing a vacuum breaker into your faucet. Ensuring that a drop in water pressure won’t result in backflow may require multiple breakers, complicating the installation process. Multiple valve system
There are breaker vacuum systems that simply control the flow and some that actively stop the backflow. A system that will control and stop any contaminated water from entering your drinking water will require multiple valves.

Depending on your home and the current system, we can assess the type of vacuum breaker replacement necessary for your situation and protect your water from contamination from hoses, sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, and sewer lines.

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Cross connections

Any connection between your drinking water and a source of contamination, like hoses and sewer lines, is called a cross-connection. Some interior fixtures and appliances, like your dishwasher, may require a vacuum breaker. If you have any water softeners and treatment systems in place, these connections could also be a potential for contamination without a breaker.

To sum up, vacuum breakers are essential in keeping your drinking water clean. Any to replace vacuum breaker problems or signs of contamination will require a vacuum breaker replacement by a licensed and insured plumbing professional.

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