Custom homes

Over 23 Years of Experience

We work with contractors and homeowners building custom homes, designing and installing the most effective and innovative plumbing and HVAC system to improve functionality, comfort, and energy efficiency in the home.

With 35 years in commercial plumbing and heating for some of Colorado’s largest hospitals, water treatment plants, airports, hotels, and high-rises, we understand how to comply with building and city codes and have the proper insurance and license to acquire any necessary permits.

Area of service for a custom home:

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Installation coordination


We find the best HVAC system for your custom home, working with the contractor to understand the design and layout of the home and what will be the most effective solutions.

Because the HVAC system affects comfort, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency, it is probably one of the more important systems in the home. We also consider the correct size of the system and the maintenance requirements, ensuring you get the most functional system for your lifestyle and your investment.

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Integrated plumbing in a custom home build will improve efficiency and performance, reduce maintenance and repair. We find the best plumbing solutions to accommodate your home fixtures, water treatment and softening systems, and increased sustainability.

We advise on the best choice of plumbing systems, including fixtures, and take into consideration the latest technology and innovations in the industry. Understanding why some systems function better than others for your needs means that we can make the right decisions from the start and avoid any changes or mistakes that can cause a set-back for the entire build.

Installation coordination

In a custom home build, the HVAC and plumbing need to be strategically coordinated between the contractor and us to ensure that the pipes and ductwork, and other components are seamlessly integrated into the home design.

Coming from the commercial world, we understand the importance of staying on schedule. Our work is completed per construction timelines and always professionally and efficiently.

The sooner you include a plumbing and heating subcontractor in a custom home build, the better and more effective the final installation once your home is complete.

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