Is It Time To Replace My Furnace?

Considering you have kept up with regular maintenance and repairs, the typical lifespan of a furnace is roughly 15-20 years. More extreme weather conditions place a heavier burden on a furnace and may speed up that process. You can’t rely on the warranty alone to tell you when it’s time to replace your furnace.

Signs it’s time to replace your furnace:

  • Expired warranty
  • Cycling problems
  • Rising energy consumption and bills
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Odors, noise, and dust

Cycling problems

When the temperature dips below the set temperature in your home, the furnace should turn on to heat the house back up. Once the desired temperature is reached, the furnace should shut back off. Any cycling problems are a sign that your furnace may be on its way out. Cycling problems are also the reason for many of the other signs to appear.

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Energy consumption

A common cycling problem is when a furnace never shuts off, heating continuously and increasing energy consumption and a significant increase in your energy bills. Often, a homeowner isn’t aware of the cycling problems until it affects their bottom line.

Fluctuating temperatures

If you’re experiencing fluctuating temperatures or varying temperatures throughout the home, we recommend that you hire a professional. Turning up the heat and overextending your furnace and heating system could cause more serious problems, not to mention even higher energy bills. We can let you know if the problem stems from a faulty furnace or a faulty temperature gauge.

Odors, noise, and dust

Filters in your vents should remove all dust particles from the hot air delivered by your furnace. Failure to replace and clean regularly can cause dust to build up in your home and cause internal problems for your vents and heating system. When a homeowner experiences heating problems, we often start with the furnace to give us clues to the main problem. Odd sounds, squeaks, and banging or unusual lingering odors are all signs that your furnace needs some professional attention. Living in Colorado, it’s safe to say that a high-performing furnace is essential. Don’t take chances with DIY repairs and replacements of this important home appliance; call us, and we’ll steer you right.

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