Gas upgrades

Clean and Efficient

Natural gas upgrades can significantly improve the energy efficiency in a home. Energy-efficient upgrades will also increase a home’s resale value. However, dealing with current fuel systems in the home to make the necessary upgrades will require the work to be done by a licensed and insured professional, like us.

No other fossil fuel is cleaner or more efficient than natural gas and will significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Making this upgrade will save on your energy consumption and have a lower environmental impact and improve indoor air quality and the home’s overall health.

Considering the cold winters here in Colorado, upgrading to natural gas will make your heating system more reliable, safe, cost-effective, and convenient.

  • Common gas upgrades include:
  • Switching from oil to natural gas
  • Switching from electric to natural gas
We are happy to advise you on the best natural gas system for your home and provide unbiased advice on heating and cooling systems to make your home more efficient and eco-friendly.

Switching from oil

Converting your oil heating system to a more energy-efficient natural gas system will require switching out your current oil tank. Regardless of whether your tank is above or below ground, a professional should handle this upgrade.

Another benefit of switching from oil to natural gas is to avoid dealing with volatile oil prices. Natural gas is produced in the US, and prices and supply are much more stable.

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Switching from electric

First, we’ll need to assess whether gas is available in your area. Assuming that gas is available, we will need to add new gas lines to your home and a new furnace or boiler. A home heating system run on electricity may require additional ductwork and ventilation to accommodate natural gas heating.

Having a home that runs on gas will make the home and many of your appliances much more efficient. Gas delivers heat to your home much faster, which means showers will heat up faster, reduce energy, and save water waiting for the hot water to come through. Gas dryers will also function more efficiently and effectively.

Other functional improvements due to gas are faster cook time and a more comfortable indoor climate and temperatures.

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