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About Allen & Sons Plumbing and Heating

Residential Plumber With Commercial-Grade Expertise and Decades of Experience

Most plumbing and heating companies will start with small residential projects and move their way up to the larger commercial projects. Not Allen & Sons Plumbing and Heating! We wanted to take our 23 years of commercial plumbing experience and apply it to homes and residences, helping people with their plumbing needs and achieving their home goals.

For over two decades, Clayton Allen perfected the art of plumbing while building some of Colorado’s largest hospitals, water treatment plants, airports, hotels, and high-rises. During the 2020 pandemic, he decided to refocus his abilities and start Allen & Sons Plumbing and Heating. The goal was to create a family-owned and run business and help other families with their home remodel projects.


Clayton Allen

Flat rates and Competitive Pricing

Our specialty is helping residential remodel projects with heating, plumbing, HVAC, water treatment systems, and water fixture replacements. We love to apply our knowledge of commercial plumbing and heating and educate and collaborate with DIY enthusiasts to implement high-quality plumbing in every area of the home.

We are transparent in our processes and want clients to know exactly what they are getting and how much it’s going to cost. We can quickly assess any plumbing, or HVAC situation and offer flat rates and competitive pricing. 

Plumbing disasters are some of the biggest fears during a home remodel. A leak can wreak havoc on a home and create great frustration. Causing damage to your plumbing system during a renovation or remodel is not uncommon, increasing the need for an experienced plumber to assist during the process.

Even the tiniest leak can have major consequences leading to health problems, structural damage, not to mention wasting precious water.

Commercial-Grade Plumbing and HVAC Services for Homeowners and Contractors

We coordinate, plan, design, install, maintain, repair, and replace every aspect of plumbing and HVAC needs for your home, residence, or building. We can quickly assess any situation because of our experience and expertise, offering accurate estimates with flat rates and no surprise increases in price or timeline.

Plumbing and Heating Services

Plumbing and heating are not just about avoiding leaks; it’s about finding innovative solutions to make plumbing more efficient and improving the functionality of the entire home. Effective plumbing solutions are essential to the long-term success of your remodel project. Whether you’re doing a full home remodel or just a bath or kitchen, we work with you to find the right solutions.

Our service areas cover:

✓ Plumbing


✓ Remodeling

✓ New Construction

Fully licensed and insured

We also consider the practical aspects of plumbing and heating, like compliance with all codes and regulations. Allen and Sons are fully licensed and insured and can assist homeowners and contractors in pulling the plumbing permits for their remodeling projects.

Great plumbing and heating should function seamlessly and effortlessly, and we have the skills and the experience to handle any remodeling project in any home.

We look forward to being a part of your next home renovation and remodel project.

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