Kitchen remodeling

Good Plumbing is Essential

Plumbing should be a priority in every kitchen remodel. Almost the entire functionality of the kitchen relies on professional high-end plumbing. We will work with you from the start of your kitchen remodeling project to ensure that all the plumbing can accommodate your new kitchen design.

Areas of service for a bathroom remodel include:

  • Upgrade existing plumbing
  • Changing existing layout
  • Upgrade fixtures

Our years of experience in the commercial industry have given us unique insight into applying industrial strength, professional and high-end plumbing techniques and elevate the functionality, physical appearance, and emotional enjoyment of your newly remodeled kitchen.

Upgrade your plumbing

We understand that it is a great personal feat to take on a DIY kitchen remodeling project, but some aspects are best left to the professionals. We help our client determine the best steps forward to ensure the right plumbing for your new kitchen, whether it’s upgrading the existing plumbing or changing the layout.

Including a professional plumber from the start of the process will save you a lot of trouble trying to fix any plumbing mistakes in the future. Often at the detriment to your new kitchen.

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Changing the plumbing layout of the kitchen

Homeowners often feel limited by the layout of their old plumbing, but with a professional plumber, changing the layout will open up new kitchen design possibilities. We can also help guide you away from mistakes and any layout ideas that just won’t function in a kitchen. Extending a pipe or installing a new fixture requires expertise and an understanding of how plumbing works as a whole.

We assist homeowners in acquiring remodel permits when necessary, as we are fully licensed and insured.

Upgrading your fixtures

When plumbing works, your kitchen functions seamlessly, water flows and drains, and everything works in harmony. Professional plumbing during the remodeling phase ensures that there are not hidden disasters or mistakes waiting to disrupt the functionality and enjoyment of the kitchen. 

Upgrading fixtures may also require an upgrade to your pipes and plumbing materials to function and fit properly. You may not initially think that the plumbing will have a physical impact on the kitchen design, but when the plumbing doesn’t quite fit the fixtures, the layout, or the design, you minimize the visual results of the kitchen.

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