Water softeners and treatment

Fresh and Pure Water

Plumbing is about more than just ensuring that your water flows through your home without leaks or obstructions. Plumbing is also about ensuring that the water flowing through your home is pure, soft, and fresh. The water in your home can suffer from several issues easily corrected with water softeners and treatments, the most common water hardness issues.

Water softeners and treatments can reduce and get rid of:

  • Bad tastes
  • Bad odors
  • Mineral deposits
  • Dirt
  • Miscellaneous contaminants
While water hardness may not cause serious health risks, it will make your water undesirable to drink. Purifying the water will improve your drinking water and ensure that you are cooking with clean and pure water free of contaminants and metals.

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Water softeners

Reduce wear and tear on appliances, plumbing, clothes, and your body by adding a water softening treatment to your home.

Contaminated water from mineral deposits like calcium and magnesium causes water to “harden.” Water hardness can lead to build-up in your pipes, eventually resulting in blockages and drainage problems.
Buildup on your sinks, toilets, tubs and other fixtures is an aesthetic nuisance, ruining the overall effect and making everything look stained, dull, and dirty. Hard water will also leave a residue on your clothing and dishes after a wash and can prevent soaps and detergents from functioning optimally.

Not to mention the toll that hard water can take on your hair and skin. A shower or bath should leave you feeling clean and hydrated; high levels of mineral deposits leave a residue on your skin and hair, leaving you feeling itchy and dry.

Water treatment and purification systems

There are many advances in water softening and treatment systems. If you’re experiencing a bad taste and foul odors from your water, there may be specific water treatments to tackle specific water issues in your home.

With a water treatment system, you can purify and soften the water making it better for appliances, plumbing, and your body (inside and out.)

Whole filtration systems

Most of your appliances will have some connection to your plumbing. Adding a whole filtration system in the home ensures that the water flowing through every pipe to every appliance is free of contaminants. Since water softener and treatment systems work with your home’s plumbing and fixtures, hiring a pro to install everything correctly and avoid water damage saves you on more expensive emergency plumbing repairs in the future.

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