Importance of Plumbing for Commercial Tenant Finish

Water matters. But it is plumbing that fulfills the needs for it. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at Burj Khalifa, which is approximately 2,700 feet tall and has a daily water usage of 249,908 gallons across its 163 floors! Just these numbers can shake your average plumber. While commercial plumbing rarely ever has to deal with such heights, this is a pretty good example of how much water a building uses in a day. Just imagine what would happen if a building like that had faulty plumbing! 

Identifying Plumbing Issues

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Now, onto smaller and more approachable problems such as plumbing for commercial tenant finish, irrespective of the size of the building. Commercial plumbers all over the United States are responsible for repairing and maintaining buildings that might not be as tall as the Burj Khalifa – but come close. 

Commercial plumbing is simply different from residential plumbing, and that is why average plumbers cannot secure plumbing gigs in high-rise buildings. 

When a building comprises more than two stories, its gravitational pull has a much bigger impact on the water pipes, drainage, tanks, and other fixtures. This requires regular maintenance by expert plumbers. How does this apply to commercial tenant finishing? 

Commercial Tenant Finishing

Commercial tenant finishing takes place before a space is occupied by certain businesses such as office buildings, warehouses, industrial facilities, retail stores, and more. These include but aren’t limited to; improvements to the structure, cosmetic changes, and plumbing. Whether the building is old or completely new, it needs new plumbing for commercial tenant finish. This includes new HVAC systems to ensure that the air conditioning water does not leak onto the premises due to drainage issues. 

Not sure who to contact for plumbing for your commercial tenant finish project? Reach out to our experts at Allen & Sons Plumbing & Heating to cater to your plumbing and heating needs. 

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