Upgrading AC Units Can Improve Energy Efficiency

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People living in hot climates agree that the air conditioner is humankind’s greatest invention! However, ever-increasing fuel and electricity prices make them think twice before running their air conditioners for the whole day. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Upgrading AC units can improve the energy efficiency in your home and help you save money.

Can Upgrading AC Units Improve Energy Efficiency? 

Yes! The new, energy-efficient models have significantly less energy usage than older AC units. These models use a two-stage scroll compressor, which decreases energy usage by nearly 4.2kWh. The older versions used an average of 6kWh to cool an average-sized house. A modern AC unit can cool the same house using a mere 1.71kWh of electricity.

Purchasing a new air conditioning system is a huge investment, but the decreased electricity consumption makes up for it. According to the DoE, energy-efficient AC units of today can save up to 40% in cooling costs.

What Makes an Air Conditioner Energy-Efficient?

The energy efficiency of an air conditioning unit is determined by the unit’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER rating. Having a SEER rating of at least 14.5 makes the AC unit energy-efficient. Units with a higher SEER rating are more efficient.

Which AC Unit is Best for You?

Always select an AC unit according to the size of your house. An air conditioner that is the right size for your house can elevate the unit’s efficiency regardless of its SEER rating. Other factors to consider while selecting your new AC unit are the local climate and house insulation.


The additional benefits of energy-efficient units include extended lifespan, less noise, and targeted cooling, among a few others. When purchasing a new energy-efficient air conditioner, always look for the SEER rating. Contact our team at Allen & Sons for information regarding upgrading AC units.

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