Water-Saving Fixtures for Master Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling

Households are responsible for wasting approximately 900 billion of water nationwide. While that is a poor attempt at sustainability, it also drives up the water bills of individual households. If you want to lower your home’s water wastage and bill, you should look for a bathroom remodeling solution with modern water saving fixtures. See the latest low flow fixtures and the top trends for remodeling the master bath.

Latest Water-Saving Fixtures for Your Master Bathroom


There are two types of water saving showerheads:

  • Non-Aerating Shower Heads: These showerheads restrict the water flow by closing the pores of the shower. You can twist the shower head to control the water flow and save more water. The lesser the water flow, the denser it is, giving you a high water pressure but with less water.
  • Aerating Shower Heads: Aerating showerheads also reduce the water flow by mixing air in the showerhead. While the flow appears as normal, it feels much lighter due to being combined with air.
Hire a professional for your master bathroom remodeling project


There are five different types of low flow faucets. These include:

  • Pull Down Faucet
  • Pull Out Faucet
  • Single Handed Faucet
  • Double Handed Faucet
  • Hands Free Faucet


There are various types of water saving toilets, which include:

  • Dual Flush Toilet
  • Double Cyclone Flush
  • Pressure Assisted Toilet
  • Vacuum Assisted Toilet
  • Gravity Flush Toilet
  • Dry Sanitation Toilet

Trending Master Bath Remodeling Ideas

Aside from looking into ways to save water on your remodel project, here are some other trending ideas that can be incorporated into your master bathroom:

  • Freestanding Tub
  • Customized Cabinetry
  • Eye Catching Textural Layers
  • Statement Making Marble
  • Linear Drains for Aging-and-Living in Place
  • Heated Floors

If you feel stuck and don’t know where to start on your master bath remodel, it’s best to call experienced plumbers like Allen & Sons for a consultation.

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